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Hello, a few quick points.

updated 12/16/2020

1. We pack and ship your Panties quickly, usually within 24 hours or less of ordering.
2. Once we hand your package to the USPS, we have no more info that you do!
3. The USPS does NOT guarantee delivery times or accuracy of tracking.
4. The USPS seems to be overwhelmed right now, and tracking does not appear to be up to date.
5. The USPS will not refund any portion of shipping fees for late or delayed delivery.
6. Canada Post might be using horse and buggy for delivery, or dogsleds? Remarkably slow.
7. Please refer to your order confirmation email, and include your order number in any correspondence.
8. We do our part very quickly, and while everything else is completely out of our control, we guarantee that our Panties are worth the wait!
9. We Love being your Panty Girls!
10. Big Kisses, Katie & Laura