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Panty Sizes & Fit

Order Up - When in doubt between 2 sizes, order the larger size. We use real vintage sizing. Our sizes did not grow with time like so many manufacturers, so some think our sizes run a wee bit small. Besides, every girl on the planet would rather say, "Honey, I think I need a smaller size," versus "I need a larger size."

vintage style - Katie & Laura's Fancy Satin Panties are similar to the very popular styles of panties made from 1995 to 2005 (most similar to the 2000-2003 seasons of a Big Secret chain lol.) We have no affiliation with any other lingerie company, and these are our personally "tweaked" versions. (Don't worry Sweetie, you are going to Love these Panties!)

not Low-rise, not Low-cut - Our Panties reflect the fabulous fit and styles of 1995 to 2005, when Sexy and Comfort made the perfect match. If you are looking for low-cut, low-rise, flimsy, limited front-coverage panties then these are probably not for you.

Stretch Satin - Our fabulous stretch satin fabrics, custom milled just for us, are so smooth and stretchy and soft and comfortable, that you will want to wear them everyday, and you should!

real elastics - For your Panties to fit and wear properly, they must be made properly, not cheaply.

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