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Katie & Laura give you PantyDollars to spend in our store whenever you buy* Panties!

  • Free for all registered shoppers (USA and Canada)
  • 1 PantyDollar = 1 US Dollar**
  • buy* 1 Panty, get up to 5 PantyDollars
  • buy* 1,000,000 Panties, get up to 5,000,000 PantyDollars
  • always use when and how you want
  • easy, nothing to do
  • Register, then just shop and PantyDollars appear!
  • see exclusions and refund details below


Sign-Up Page: https://www.fancysatinpanties.com/login.asp

Please remember that you must Register, and you must be Logged In when you checkout.

How to Use your PantyDollars

visit our Store and login

click "My Account"

click "My PantyDollars Account"

enter how many PantyDollars you want to use today, click "Redeem Now"

go Panty Shopping!

open your Shopping Bag, after you click "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" the PantyDollars will appear as a "Gift Certificate"


**PantyDollars have no cash value and are nontransferable.

*EXCLUSIONS. More PantyDollars are not earned on any purchase when PantyDollars are being used. This would be compounding or “double-dipping” PantyDollars rewards points. When PantyDollars are redeemed and used to make a purchase, this purchase will not earn additional PantyDollars (even if the PantyDollars only covers some of the total purchase).

RETURNS with PantyDollars. In the event that you purchase merchandise with PantyDollars and later return that item, the PantyDollars will be forfeited, no refund of the PantyDollars amount will be provided, and the PantyDollars will not be restored to your PantyDollars Account.

What happens to the PantyDollars I earned when I purchased an item that I later returned? PantyDollars earned on a product that you subsequently return will be deducted from your account.

Please remember that you must Register, and you must be Logged In when you checkout. If you checkout as a Guest, then your purchase will not be eligible for PantyDollars. If you do accidentally checkout as a Guest, there is nothing we can do about the PantyDollars that get lost.