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Katie & Laura handling time 1-2 days (excluding holidays)

USA Shipping
First Class USPS $5.95 (est. 5-9 days, USA only)
$9.70 USPS Priority Mail (est. 4-7 days, USA only)
$16.50 GIFT Box and USPS Priority Mail (est. 4-7 days, USA only)
FREE GIFT Box and FREE USPS Priority Mail over $250 (est. 4-7 days, USA only)

All USPS estimated shipping times are estimated!
We do not control the USPS and they DO NOT guarantee any shipping times.

LOOK in your emails (Junk?) for your USPS shipping info. We DO NOT have any more info than you do.

For all shipping outside of the USA or Canada, please visit our eBay Store

If you do not see what you want on eBay, just message us, we will substitute anything.

Please note that Misty Codes and PantyDollars do not apply to any purchases on eBay. (eBay does not recognize these discounts.)

As a small company, the Giant Shipping Companies (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS) do not give our overseas customers acceptable rates. So to avoid excessive expense to our customers, we recommend the eBay Global Shipping Program (integrated in our eBay store.)

Thanks Sweeties!!
Katie & Laura