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Introducing Stella Gray

for the Lingerie Collector.

Stella! 😊 Sugar Sweet Lingerie model, and selfie Princess!

Our Lovely girlfriend Stella Gray is occasionally willing to provide extraordinary opportunities for Premium Lingerie Collectors to purchase her personally modeled items (wink, wink).

Trust, Pricing & Availability

While Stella and her personal items are not part of our business, Stella is our Dear Sweet Friend in whom we entrust our full reputation.

Katie & Laura Panties are exclusive to begin with, adding personal modeling by an exquisite Beauty increases the value decidedly. When available, Stella’s exquisite personal lingerie will be the centerpiece of your treasured collection. Registered Katie & Laura customers may wish to mention us when contacting Stella.

Premium Lingerie Collectors may contact Stella directly for purchase opportunities.


Please be respectful of her time, serious inquiries only! We expect all our customers to interact with our personal friends with the same respect and courtesy shown to us.

Love, Katie & Laura

Stella Gray is one of our "KLPantyGirls", friends of Katie & Laura, who may or may not on occasion receive Panties and Gifts from Katie & Laura. We have no financial interest in their affairs/businesses/activities. KLPantyGirls are free to give (or not give) any opinions they wish about their experiences with Katie & Laura's Panties and are never instructed what to say (or not say.) Some KLPantyGirls post photos, and some don't. Some model professionally, some freelance, and some are just sweet girls who like Fancy Satin Panties. Katie & Laura Love them all the same. KLPantyGirls are not employees, they are personal friends, modeling friends, or just people Katie & Laura know through the PantyWorld and have befriended. The actions and opinions of KLPantyGirls are independent of Katie & Laura, and KL Brands LLC. KLPantyGirls have no obligations to KL Brands LLC, or Katie & Laura in any way.